MANUFACTURER: Stern Pinball, Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois
DESIGN BY:  George Gomez, Keith P. Johnson, Chris Granner
THEME: Licensed Theme – Fantasy

Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Standup targets (2), Captive balls (0), Drop targets (0), Kick-out holes (2), Electromagnets (2), Vertical up-kicker (1), Spinning target (1), Up-post in upper playfield, Dual inlanes, Shaker motor, Stereo sound, Speech.

BALL COMPOSITION: 1-1/6 inch steel

• The backglass is real glass (not a translite) with a mirrored gold effect.
• Extra clearcoats on playfield.
• ‘Armies of Middle Earth’ plastic figures were not used. Therefore, no mounting holes exist in the playfield plastics for them.
• Playfield is signed by Gary Stern and George Gomez.
• “Gold” trim. The lockdown bar, legs, hinges, and side rails are plated and polished. Gold trim around the backbox.
• Game has the option to add a Shaker Motor.
• Leg bolts and hinge bolts are brass plated.
• The speaker panel has a “500 Game Limited Edition” plate and gold painted grills.
• Certificate of Authenticity signed by Gary Stern.

This game has the option to add a Shaker Motor which had not been the case for the original LOTR game. Lonnie Ropp confirmed to us that he added the Shaker Code to the original Code and it had been ‘secured’ with a new PAL chip version.


Moving Balrog with built-in flashlamp, blocks center ramp at times.
Tower that “collapses” on certain scoring features.
Mini-playfield that encourages nudging.

YES wE aRe FiNaLLy OpEn!! CoMe oN bY!!