MANUFACTURER: Stern Pinball, Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois
DESIGN BY: Steve Ritchie
THEME: Licensed Theme – Science Fiction

Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (2), Slingshots (3), Standup targets (9), 5-bank drop targets (1), Horseshoe lane (1), Scoop (1), Diverter (1), Right outlane ball save (see Notes). Miniature LCD screen on playfield. A slingshot is used to interact with the two pop bumpers. Chrome metal ramps and wire habitrails. A “jump ramp” raises from under the playfield to load balls into the Death Star for multiball, shooting them into a looping aerial habitrail. Nine Multiball Modes and one Wizard Mode. Action button on lockdown bar. Up to 6 balls in simultaneous play. Has speech. Color LCD backbox display. Stereo sound.

Powder-coated gloss black hinges, lockdown bar, and laser-cut side armor. Powder-coated steel and plywood backbox. Powder-coated steel bottom arch. A translite is used instead of a backglass. Decal cabinet artwork.

BALL COMPOSITION: 1-1/6 inch steel

Features the cast of the theatrical Star Wars movies known as Episodes IV, V, and VI. The cabinet decal artwork and some playfield plastics are exclusive to this Limited Edition model. The Limited Edition translite and cabinet artwork feature the major characters from the Rebellion forces with the notable exception of Luke Skywalker.

The manufacturer advertised in their Game Features Matrix that an “Electric Gate in right drain lane saves the ball in play when lit” and our picture of this area of the playfield shows only an opening to the ball shooter lane. We suspect, but have not confirmed, that the outlane rollover activates a magnet under the playfield to divert the draining ball through this opening and back to the shooter lane.


Playfield – Reflector flash lamps. Zoned red, white, and blue general illumination LEDs under plastics. Green LEDs and RGB LEDs on/in Exploding Death Star. RGB LEDs everywhere else.
Cabinet – RGB LED in front lockdown bar.


Illuminating Death Star explodes.
Illuminating Millennium Falcon model on left habitrail.
Interactive Tie Fighter bash toy.

YES wE aRe FiNaLLy OpEn!! CoMe oN bY!!